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Ideally suited to both domestic and commercial staircase applications, a leather handrail will add an elegant feel to contemporary, modern and traditional interiors.

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Our hides are tried and tested and have been carefully selected by us, to bring you a selection of premium leather finishes. 

Featured Project


Jacque Adnet Armchairs 

Restored by Harcourt London, this pair of classic Jacque Adnet armchairs were given a new life in our 100% vegetable-tanned leather that will wear handsomely over time. The Vegetable tanning process uses natural materials such as tree bark to achieve a natural colour that’s less prone to irreversible scratching that modern synthetically-dyed leathers suffer, and will actually darken in the sun. in essence it will get better with age. 

jacque adnet restoration

Know the colour you are looking for?  Our colour book will save you time trawling for that perfect sample. 

We will send out up to seven sample free of charge. 

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