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Flat Wrapped Rail

Architectural leather /  

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Flat Wrap Handrails provide a distinctive, bespoke aesthetic for any staircase. The leather is cut into strips from the hides. The leather strips are then adhered and stitched by hand to the handrail substrate.  



Leather ranges

Ed Tanner Montagu, Nappa Calf, Oakley, Tavistock,  recommended.

Leather Colours

Refer to leather supplier. 

End Caps

Leather caps as standard, alternatives available. 


Commonly to existing round tubing, alternatively Harcourt can supply a fabricator to manufacture & install to customers own requirements. 


Standard pricing applies to straight handrails of 20 metres.


Dependant on chosen leather supplier. 

Lead Time

Made to order and certain lead times will apply. 


Handrails are fabricated on-site Leather Installation services available through Ed Tanner. 


Embossed or perforated leather and curved rails must be quoted. 

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