Leather Care

Wondering how to keep your leather looking at its best ?

Apart from meaning 'Hard Work'

the term 'Elbow Grease' derived

from the application of  waxes to furniture and hides using the smooth of the elbow to work it into the leather. 


At Ed Tanner we usually experience two types of cleaning & care problems; not enough or too much.  To care for your leather it is recommended that under average use, maintenance should be carried out at least

every 6 months. This will maintain the strength, character, and general apperance of the leather.

With correct maintenance, leather will last a lifetime.


To keep matters simple we have put together three cleaning kits, with the essentials for the different leather finishes. 

Check out our care box options to find the right product for your leather or suede.  ​​​​


Alternatively you can purchase individual bottles of leather conditioner, wax or suede protector. 

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