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Design with leather / 

The workshop follows the atelier idea. Everybody involved in a project is considered a collaborative partner. Every contribution is respected and valued. A client’s requirement, a designer’s vision, our vast experience and knowledge: all converge and result in a product that simply could not have existed without collaboration.


We have always worked collaboratively.  We were doing it before it was fashionable and we will continue doing it long after the trend has passed. The purpose of collaboration, for us, is to create something, which simply could not have been realised without the input of every partner.  Orchestrating collaborations successfully requires innate intuitive skills. We understand the importance of modesty in the true sense. Every exercise is a pioneering trip to a new frontier. Where some people value the safety of routine and repetition these explorations of the unknown are a big part of the reason of our existence.


We learn a great deal from collaboration. Our clients and partners increase their knowledge as a result.

Nicholas James Jewellery 

Leather meets a jewellery aesthetic, results in an unusual set of exciting projects.

5 TEST 8-BIT.jpg

Rupert Kingston, London-based furniture designer and maker, collaborated with simon Harcourt. The results were a marriage of precision cabinetry and a bespoke relief pattern door. 

Retro Modification of Porsche 911- 964 model interior. 

Call Systems Technology - Imperial Button 

Rupert Kingston furniture

Leather Cabinet

RPM Technik - Porsche 964 interior

Porsche 911 Leather Interior
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