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Upholstery Leather

Leather has been used for upholstery purposes for as long as there have been text books to document it. Our small range of Upholstery hides are selected from years of working with these hides, each independently warrant their own unique properties for differing applications. 

Leather Hides

When exactly leather became a material that was commonplace for upholstery purposes, it is difficult to say. It is only through the process of tanning (preserving) an animal hide to create leather, that this wonderful material has become so useful. The birth of this groundbreaking material was almost certainly through natural processes, that resulted in vegetable tanned hides being discovered by early man.


Nowadays, with the advances in technology and science behind the tanning of leather, we are able to create a vast array of exciting colours, textures and surface finishes to upholstery leathers that make this product a keep sake of high-end luxury interiors.

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